Entdeckt: 7 Prosperity Mind-set, Heart-set & Soul-set Secrets for Becoming a Client Magnet in the New Year

Ein spannender Artikel von meiner amerikanischen Kollegin Olivia Lobell, den ich hier mit ihrer Erlaubnis veröffentlichen darf. Zum Übersetzen fehlt mir gerade die Zeit, aber die Impulse sind in einfachem Englisch geschrieben und es lohnt sich auch mal ein Blick ins dictonary 🙂

Olivia Lobell 7 Prosperity Mind set Heart set Soul set Secrets 7 Prosperity Mind set, Heart set & Soul set Secrets for Becoming a Client Magnet in the New Year

Are you spending just as much time, effort and energyempowering, elevating and expanding your prosperity mind-set, heart-set and soul-set as you do on solid authentic business success strategies? How you think, act, behave and feel about money and meaning, prosperity and purpose, profitability and passion, wealth and health, abundance and authenticity, financial freedom and fulfilment is just as important as how you earn them. But if you don’t think, act, behave and feel prosperous, abundant, rich and wealthy, then you’ll never get to that point.

So you need to think prosperous, act prosperous, behave prosperous, feel prosperous, and take prosperous action steps to achieve the ultimate lifestyle business you most want, desire and dream of AND to help, serve and support the movements (and people) you truly care about. You can’t be focused on affecting change, taking big leaps and transforming your life as well as the lives of those you touch on the way when you are anxious, worried or frustrated about putting money in your bank account (and soul into your business).

Here are seven simple, yet powerful secrets that can help, serve and support you plant the seed of a prosperity mind-set, heart-set and soul-set into your life and your business in 2014.

7 Prosperity Mind-set, Heart-set & Soul-set Secrets for Becoming a Client Magnet in the New Year:

1. Take 100% responsibility for your financial freedom success – You’re 100% responsible for your financial independent success, and no one else. Your financial situation, your prosperity path, your abundance reality, your wealth journey is a direct result of your own thinking, feelings, beliefs, behaviours, and actions. If you find yourself blaming other people, places or circumstances, you are not accepting 100% responsibility. Even worse, you’re buying into the notion that you’re powerless and ineffective; you’re paralysed and incapable to transform your reality, shift your situation, and change your circumstances. The transformational truth is we can’t always control our circumstances. However, we can very well control how we respond to them. Abundant, rich, wealthy, prosperous people create their own realities, create their own circumstances, create their own lives – it doesn’t just happen for them. You need to TRULY believe and become a BIG believer of that, too. Take 100% responsibility for your financial freedom success.

2. Listen and Learn from Prosperous People – Listen, learn and educate yourself about being prosperous, feeling abundant, getting rich, and earning money from abundant, wealthy, rich, prosperous people. If you take advice, suggestion or recommendation from someone who is struggling to make ends meet, nice as they are, then chances are you may find yourself in that situation too. If, on the other hand, you look to successful, prosperous, abundant mentors who have proven they know how to grow financially, create abundance, wealthy, and manage their money, then you’re more likely to rise to their level. (So next time your well-meaning “friend, partner or family member” tells you to give up on your business, take into account their OWN state of prosperity, abundance, wealth, and financial freedom!) Listen and Learn from Prosperous People.

3. Look for possibilities and see opportunities in everything – While most people see obstacles, roadblocks and risks every day that prevent them from taking action or stop them from doing anything to transform their businesses and change their lives, wealthy, abundant, prosperous people look for possibilities and see opportunities in everything. Successful enlightened entrepreneurs and authentic business owners flourish during difficult, tough economic times, and you can, too, if you know how to look for possibilities and see opportunities in everything, recognize them, adjust and adapt as you go. As enlightened entrepreneurs and authentic business owners, we’re blessed to be able to shift, transform and make changes constantly, smoothly, and quickly to adjust and adapt to industry circumstances and market place conditions. So be about nothing but possibility, see opportunities in everything and feel that anything is possible for you, too. Look for possibilities and see opportunities in everything.

4. Dream Bigger – Make your dream bigger than usual, really BIG. You’re going to take more action than usual, and you’re going to achieve that bigger dream and vision. The transformational truth is small thinking leads to small bank accounts. Big thinking leads to big wealth, big money, big abundance, big prosperity. Instead of making it your goal/intention, your vision/dream to just “make a living” and create a “comfortable” life, get out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself and set higher goals, higher intentions and higher projects for yourself. I see many coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders, experts–Enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E.–get stuck at their prosperity levels in their life and profitability levels in their business. Don’t let your small business keep you small-minded. Dream Bigger.

SPECIAL NOTE: I challenge you to look for ways to leverage what you have to dramatically increase your income, your impact and your influence… without working any harder, feeling inauthentic and out of integrity or selling your soul! Where there’s an AUTHENTIC will, there is ALWAYS a way. And those big leaps in income, in wealth, in abundance, in prosperity are what will truly transform your business, change your life, influence your family’s life, and enable you to make a positive impact in this lifetime in a powerful, passionate and purposeful way. One good idea is to have a BIG dream, BIG vision or BIG goal/intention/project to be able to give away more money in this new year than you previously made last year. What a wonderful way to think about it, feel abundant and authentic, wealthy and healthy, prosperous and purposeful, profitable and passionate, be financial free and fulfilled.

5. Let go your past “failures” and let grow your upcoming “successes” – Let go your past failures this past year and let grow your upcoming successes this new year. The transformational truth is if you just delete past “failures”, erase them (forgive and forget) and simply take the lessons you learned from this past year, you’ll be shining, expanding and succeeding even more powerfully, more purposefully, more prosperously, be able to move on, and take the very next first step forward towards the next higher level in your business and life. So whatever you did last year that didn’t work, just erase them, delete them, take out of your mind, and it’s gone. Let go your past “failures” and let grow your upcoming “successes.”

WARNING: Be 100% committed. Why? Because if you’re experiencing fear, doubt, resistance, any or all kinds of different things that create confusion, stuckness, “emptiness”, “darkness” or “heaviness” inside of you, that simply means you’re not 100% committed to your BIGGER dream, BIGGER vision, BIGGER mission, BIGGER purpose.

6. Love receiving as much as you love giving. Love receiving as much as you love giving–especially money, wealth, abundance, prosperity. Learning to accept gifts (whatever it is big or small) can help you learn to accept money, wealth, abundance and prosperity in your business and life. Even something small like learning to accept appreciation, compliments and endorsements from others is a good start. (Have you ever noticed that’s sometimes so hard for some of us?) Never apologize for your pricing, for your fees or for charging what you’re worth. Know, claim, embrace and own what you are worth, charge what you know you are worth, and don’t be shy about asking for payment, for the sale, for the business. You deserve to be paid upfront or at least on time. Be friendly, be gracious, be considerate but embrace and stand up for your worth. Love receiving as much as you love giving.

7. Add something new into your life – Add something new into your life that you’ve been dreaming, desiring or wanting, but you’ve never given yourself. Whether it is your lifestyle, your relationships, your health or letting yourself have more money, be more abundant, feel wealthy and prosperous. Maybe you need a team around your business, a partner around your projects, whatever it is, give yourself what you MOST want, DEEPEST desire and TRULY dream of because when you start doing that then this new year 2014 is just going to be absolutely beautiful, blessed and precious. Add something new into your life.

Authentic Business Success in Action

EnJOY your journey in this New Year 2014. Say “yes” to new opportunities. Step out of your comfort zone in a big, bold and authentic way. EnJOY giving to others as well as receiving from others. The experience takes you out of your element physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Give yourself the gift of abundance, the gift of wealth, the gift of prosperity, the gift of money, the gift of profitability, the gift of financial freedom, and at the same time give back in a big, bright and beautiful way.

When you can share your prosperity mind-set, heart-set and soul-set with others, you’ve truly freed yourself from letting “money” limit you. The “gift” you invest, spend, and give, is the same “gift” you receive. If you invest and give small, you get small. If you invest and give big, you receive big. Start looking for ways to invest in yourself, your business and your life in the New Year, and ways to give back at the same time. It’s one of the biggest brightest blessings we all have as enlightened entrepreneurs!

QUESTION: Which SECRET really resonated with you and why? What will you be doing in 2014 to become a client magnet? We’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comment section below. 2014 is YOUR year. Make 2014 your best year yet!

Thriving Together,
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Olivia Lobell, The Enlightened Entrepreneur Authentic Business Success Mentor, is author of The Enlightened Entrepreneur and founder of Authentic Business Success, a company devoted to teach enlightened entrepreneurs around the world how to build a thriving business around their blessing, attract more ideal clients, and make a lot more profits while being authentic and aligned with their passion and purpose. To get your FREE Audio CD and receive her weekly authentic business success articles, visit AuthenticBizSuccess.com.

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